"Surround Yourself With Those Who Will Take You To The Next Level" -Coach CC


Welcome to an amazing space filled with resources and tools to regain that energy back in your life!

I personally have always had a challenge creating balance in my life over the years. From deciding what food to eat to exercise to my body image. In fact, I spent most of my life (early teens into my 30’s) worrying about what I “should” and “should not” eat, how I “should” be exercising, and even how I didn’t look “skinny.”

I am SO thankful to have found resources and tools to help me build an actual lifestyle that works! It incorporates my values, beliefs, and gives light to my dreams! I can’t wait to meet you and share the knowledge I have learned and continue to learn!

All my love! –Coach CC

"Your journey begins with a choice to get up, step out and live fully." -Oprah

Are you ready to make some changes to grow in your health? Want to get some added support?
If you answered yes, then you are in the right place! Check out the ways you can join us!

Which one will you choose?

Individual Coaching

We will walk through the 5-step process that will help us to create meaning and anchors for your journey. You will leave feeling confident with sustaining your new skills! 

1. Discovery Phase

  • Strengthen core beliefs
  • Walk through 5-steps to anchor your goals
  • Educate + Empower + Evaluate = Confidence to Change!

2. Design Phase

  • Using a proven method to execute your goals
  • Implement a goal-setting process
  • Create accountability to stay on track

3. Destiny Phase 

  • Learn how to keep your goals alive
  • Continue to gain the confidence needed to be your number one
  • Spend time celebrating ALL the hard work YOU have done

Healthy Living Simplified Community

It is tough enough to take on healthy living by yourself! Come join an amazing community where you can surround yourself with others who are learning to create healthy habits during everyday living! We have:

  • Group Learning
  • Recipes
  • Exercises
  • Nutritional Support
  • Encouragement
  • Challenges
  • and MUCH more!


Workplace Wellness

Work with Coach CC to create a healthy work environment for your employees that will allow your business to flourish!


  • Offer simple, effective, and affordable wellness solutions
  • Provide real solutions that reduce absenteeism 
  • Lead employees to make smart, effective, and sustainable changes

"Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, the word itself says, I'M POSSIBLE!" -Audrey Hepburn

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"The Greatness of a Community is Most Accurately Measured by the Compassionate Actions of its Members." -Coretta Scott King

How Fun Is It To Get These Reviews…
Thank you so much for
your time, understanding, and compassion, I’ve enjoyed our talks! You are a good listener and have such good advice!!! You are such a treasure!! I’m blessed!!!
-Mary S.

CC is great to work with and is very positive and encouraging.
She helped me personalize a plan that allows me to eat more of the foods I love and exercise how it works for me. The best part about it, this is not a diet. It is about making healthy lifestyle changes. I’ve lost 14 lbs. in seven weeks and have more energy than I’ve had in years. Thank you CC!
-Brent Adams

I attended CC’s Stoplight Foods seminar with my 3 small children. It was a very fun and engaging way to get my kids involved in helping make out our grocery list AND helping them make better choices in their foods!!! They loved it!!!! For a few years now CC has been there to help me in making wise nutritional choices. When I would hit a road block or get upset with myself, she has always been there to point out the positives and help me get back on track. Her educational skills and knowledge are truly an amazing resource for our family and we have become better informed because of her. Thank You CC!!!
- Kim A.

Sitting down with Coach CC gave me such great insight into how to focus my attention to help me achieve my goals! Coach CC helped me realize and pull out the tool and potential that I have inside of me :). She brings laughter and sunshine to each of our sessions! I highly recommend Coach CC!
-Dr. Brittany A.